Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Telling a story, visually

In the technology class I am taking, we were asked to compose a digital story.  A digital story is a story told through a movie, using a variety of media such as photographs, video clips, text, sound, and narration.

I decided to tell my story about birds.  I am an avid bird-watcher, and nothing is more relaxing to me than walking through the woods or meadow, binoculars and camera around my neck, looking and listening for different species of birds.  I've been watching birds seriously for a few years, and I continue to marvel at their beauty and resiliency.  My story shows some of the different species of birds I've seen over the last few years, and talks about how my love of bird-watching developed.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Twitter PLN

I love Twitter!  In my opinion, there is no greater resource for educators.  I've joined global projects, shared resources, learned about new technology and pedagogy, and discussed philosophy with members of my Twitter PLN...most of whom I will never meet in person.