Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tech Tac Toe: The power of infographics

Infographics have changed my life!  

I have just used Canva to create an infographic for my students, and I am beside myself with excitement!  Where have infographics been all my life, and why have I not used them before in my teaching?  I am thrilled to think about the infographic possibilities!  

Visually appealing?  Check.  Easy to create?  Check.  So, so awesome?  Check!

Why are infographics life-changing?  First, they are an eye-catching way to share information in a world that has become increasingly visual.  Infographics are tools for data visualization: they combine images and text to show what you want the observer to know.  Infographics can help simplify a complicated idea or subject to make it easy to understand.  Second, infographics are easy to create using free applications.  The one I use is called Canva, but there are others: Venngage, Piktochart, and are a few popular choices.

Last week, a few of my students were interested in making QR codes after watching me create one for a class video.  I knew that it may be tricky for some of the students, and I did not have time to go through everything step-by-step at that moment.  I decided to make an infographic to list the steps, since I knew this would give them an easy-to-use tool to refer to when they had questions.  Also, since not all students would be creating QR codes at that time, it would be an easy way to save the instructions for those who would need this information in the future.  This is what I came up with:

After posting the infographic on Google Classroom, I asked some of my Third Grade students to use it to make a QR code for a website.  Most were able to complete the task without my assistance (printing was another matter).  A few needed help, but asked classmates who had successfully made a QR code to assist them, and eventually everyone who used the infographic succeeded!  

I am excited to use infographics to present data like percentages, figures, facts, etc. to aid student learning.  I also think Canva is easy enough for Third Grade students to make infographics themselves.  Making an infographic is a another way for students to demonstrate what they know about a topic.


  1. Love the poster! It will be a great way to have students follow the instructions without having to ask you all the time. Also, I think it would be a great way for students to demonstrate what they know about a topic. Great work!

  2. You can even print them out and display the infographics in your room! The concept of infographics is so important for today's students to learn for future employment opportunities. Great to see them being put to use in 3rd grade!